I’ve been spending some time working on a song, which I hope will be what John Mayer calls “transportational” I don’t like to have individual songs directly influenced by other songs, but I have been listening to the Bluetones’ “Sleazy Bed Track” a lot. Also, Drake’s “Hold on (we’re going home)”
The song, currently nameless, is totally infiltrated with themes from these two.
The story I’d like to tell is one of unrequited love, of a man or woman who never had the chance, would never get the chance. Much like Michael McDonald’s (yes, I’m pointing at him) “What a Fool Believes” it’s not a sappy broken hearted sonnet, but rather a bluesy, upbeat, deluded limerick of a fool and his memos (see, Memento)
Normally there’s a lot of difficulty in designing vocals, but since last week I’ve been following NBC’s The Voice” which always makes me feel like a producing genius. I revelate at will after an episode.
There is this rule that if you write something, you have to keep it, even if you don’t like it. Sadly, I never follow this rule, so I’m always starting from scratch with lyrics. Sooner or later I’m going to learn my lesson.
So with any luck and some longer days and nights, I’ll be uploading a song for you to listen to. This is not a promise–please don’t hold me to it.
Take it easy,

Rescue 911, PC Edition


Okay, so you let your computer go a little unprotected—maybe you ignored your antivirus programs’ pleas to be updated, or maybe you clicked on that link about that guy that English professors hate. Either way, your PC is so slow you walk out of the room while it boots up, or loads a program, and even then, there’s no guarantee that the computer will even stay on for more than ten minutes. So what do you do?

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Radiohead. Not too many bands I liked better through the 90’s. Its funny, but there are songs that I’d never heard that I just learned of in the last couple of years. This was one of them. I remember my brother asking my how I could have gone without knowing this song, and all I could do was shrug. I’m sharing it with you today 🙂

High and Dry, by Radiohead


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Most of us have that favorite pair of jeans or something denim, as it is affordable, durable, and looks good with most anything. I’ve become a little fanatical about my care for my jeans, and it has paid off: My youngest pair of jeans is 5 years old and they all still look mostly brand new. Can’t avoid certain things, like really bad food or grease stains (unwilling participation in food fights, etc). But for the most part, its pretty easy to take decent care of this fine material.


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